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S.L. Carpenter

Ownership comes with a price. Make sure you’re prepared to pay it.

Friends with benefits? Eric and Lauren are definitely that. A Friday night, a hotel, and a night of hot, satisfying sex. That’s it. Recently, though, Eric finds himself wanting more. More time, more fun, more Lauren.

Trouble is, she’s all tied up in her career, totally uninterested in getting tied down. How will she react when he musters up the guts to ask her for what he really wants: her to be completely his for one weekend. To let him own her, body and soul.

Lauren is sure Eric is just overthinking their strictly casual relationship. Still, the thought of doing exactly what he wants, whenever and wherever he wants, intrigues her. What’s not to like about letting go, handing everything over to a man she trusts in every way?

Their getaway is more sensual, more daring, more perfect than either of them anticipated. Until that most feared of emotions raises its head and takes aim at their hearts.

Warning: Contains references to ownership, domination and complete submission; extra panties may be required, along with ice. This is not a book about training your pets, so treats and squeaky toys are not necessary, unless you’re into that…

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    Romantik og Erotik, Romantik
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