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Pippy (e-bog) af Robert Wilson


Robert Wilson

Eight-year-old Jimmy is not like most boys his age. He has seen the inside of a hospital more than anyone he knows; even so, he is still curious, happy, and unaware that his doctor has painted a bleak picture of his future. Jimmy has no idea he has leukemia.Innocent of the reason for his parents’ gloom, Jimmy seeks out companionship every evening from a small owl who perches in the oak tree outside his apartment. Even though Jimmy knows owls cannot talk, he can understand Pippy perfectly. It is not long before Jimmy’s nightly chats with Pippy lead to dreams of remarkable adventures where he can fly and perch in a tree-just like Pippy! As the tiny owl and the vulnerable little boy fly over churches, rooftops, they laugh, scream, and become best friends in no time at all. Now all he has to do is convince his parents that his dreams are not dreams at all.In this adventurous and inspirational tale, a boy and an owl soon discover the power of friendship and the glory of miracles as dreams and reality unexpectedly meet and cause an unforgettable chain of events.

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    Science Ficton og Fantasy, Fantasy

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  • Pippy

  • Pippy (e-bog) af Robert Wilson


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