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Ethiopia (e-bog) af Tadesse E.A.


Tadesse E.A.

Ethiopia has experienced decades of turmoil. The founding fathers created Ethiopia to have prosperity, to have love for each other, and to have unity, but those who were taken aboard by force knew nothing, saw nothing, loved nothing, and only united to sort out all those goals through fighting.

In Ethiopia, author Tadesse E.A. offers a profile of Ethiopia, one of the world?s oldest and most complex countries. Part history book and part book of memoirs, it provides deep insight into the country. Based on Tadesse E.A.?s strong academic background, vast international experience, and identity as an Ethiopian, he presents a look at Ethiopia in a contemporary way. He

? shares his life experiences from childhood to adulthood in an unfinished country;

? deals with the forces of the past;

? highlights the challenges of the people and their struggle during the imperial era;

? discusses two long-running governments and the national election process; and

? offers insight into the nonstop struggles and challenges during the transition period.

Ethiopia melds the background of the past and the making of the present. It helps in the understanding of yesterday, which warrants many questions of its own, and today?s mood, the uncertainty, and the central fact of the ongoing fractures between Ethiopians. It shares the journey of Tadesse E.A.?s life and what his country and its people have meant to him.

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  • Ethiopia (e-bog) af Tadesse E.A.


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