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Hooked (e-bog) af Diana Hunter


Diana Hunter

HookedDiana HunterTania is looking for excitement and a sexy man to scratch her itch. After choosing a table in a crowded sidewalk café, she weighs her options. Catching the eye of an incredible man, Tania knows instinctively that he can give her just what she needs.When a gorgeous woman in tight leather pants gives Jim Delaney a come-on, his libido leaps to one conclusion-she’s a professional looking for an afternoon customer. Deciding that he’s not above paying for sex with such a stunning woman, Jim enjoys her seduction. He knows a woman like this will be more open to his sexual tastes.There’s only one problem. Tania Pelligrini isn’t a hooker.

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    Romantik og Erotik, Romantik

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  • Hooked

  • Hooked (e-bog) af Diana Hunter


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