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The Informer

The Informer

Steen Langstrup

A World War II Crime Noir novel. There is an informer inside the Sabotage Group BB. Death is waiting around every corner. It is time to ask yourself this one question: Who can be trusted?German-occupied Copenhagen, fall 1944. It has been four and a half years since the Nazi tanks crossed the border. Last year, the Danish Government´s policy of cooperation with the Third Reich failed. The Danish police force was rounded up a few months ago and deported to concentration camps in Germany; now criminals rule the city streets. There is shortage of almost everything and easy money to be made. `The Informer´ is a rapid and raw crime noir tale about one of the darkest times in the history of Denmark.`The Informer´ was nominated `Best Nordic Crime Novel´ of the year and selected one of the best 36 books ever for a relaxing read on the beach by the major Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. Award winning author Steen Langstrup´s work has been translated into several foreign languages including Swedish and Spanish, his books have been filmed and made into radio plays. `The Informer´ is his first book to be published in English.Praise for `The Informer´:`Outstanding noir novel.´ The Danish newspaper Politiken.`This book is more than important … This is a book you simply can´t put down, you will read it all the way to the end once you have opened it.´ The Swedish newspaper Piteå-Tidningen. `I really like the style of Steen Langstrup´s writting … It´s almost like the author was there himself to experience the things he writes about.´ The Swedish newspaper Gefle Dagblad.`A refreshingly in-your-face world war II thriller … That´s it. That´s it. That´s it.´ The Danish newspaper Weekendavisen.`A sympathetic and well told story.´ The Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.’Recommended-and not only to sleepless nights.’ The Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende.`Exciting to the very last word.´ The Danish Magazine Alt for damerne.`The style is, of course, highly effective.´ The Swedish newspaper Avesta Tidningen.`An absorbing read. The classic game of chess in literary form … a surprising blast of a well-constructed and juicy ending.´ The Finnish magazine Ruumiin Kultturi.

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  • The Informer

  • The Informer


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